On-Demand Manufacturing

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Our On-Demand Manufacturing allows us to produce parts without the inconvenience of having to produce moulds or tooling. This translates into an agile, lean manufacturing system, low-cost part production and the ability to make changes to the product during manufacturing. Customization of the product is now a possibility, allowing your end-customer to enjoy a level of personalization unachievable by other traditional manufacturing means.

On-Demand Manufacturing is a lean manufacturing method, as production waste and byproducts are reduced to an absolute minimum due to reduced steps in the manufacturing process. Parts can be made-to-order, saving on inventory costs. This allows for a substantial reduction in both the carbon footprint and the general environmental impact of your production run, something you and your clients will surely appreciate. Our print farm is capable of handling large orders of components, at a very affordable cost in comparison to Injection Molding.