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At Invent 3D, we love to challenge ourselves. Got an idea? We will make it happen


Engineering is in our DNA and as such, we pride ourselves on helping our customers design the perfect product for each application. Trained in Integrated Product Development, our team can help you develop your product from ideation to completion, guiding you through design, manufacturing and marketing channels.

From Trophies to Manufacturing Jigs, we can assist with the design of anything, through our advanced SOPs and knowledge on the subject.

Our state of the art Rapid Prototyping methods allow for quick verification of designs, applying modification when needed, without the need for expensive tooling or lengthy production times.

From idea to reality in days, not months!

Advantages of Rapid Prototyping

Here's some of the advantages that rapid prototyping bring to the table:


The ability to explore and realize concepts more quickly. This efficiency in time and cost allows teams to move beyond the mere visualization of a product, making it easier to grasp the properties and design of a product.


Apply repeated designs and incorporate changes that allow for the evaluation and testing of the product. This iterative process provides a roadmap to developing and refining the final product.


Being able to communicate concepts concisely and effectively. Rapid prototyping takes ideas, images and concepts from flat and 2 dimensional visuals to hands-on products that clients, colleagues and collaborators can then see in action.


The ability to thoroughly test and refine a concept. Being able to minimize design flaws with a small volume rapid prototype run helps eliminate costly design flaws that might not be evident during an early assessment.

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