Dentistry in the Age of Additive Manufacturing

Dental 3D printing or digital dentistry is key to understanding modern dental science, as it allows Dental Professionals to help their patients more efficiently. Digital dentistry is a fast-growing trend in the industry. Some of the reasons include customizability of the parts, faster turnover, and amazing patient experience. The possibilities of dental 3D printing are almost endless, but they are growing more and more every day, with new applications being researched as we speak.

3D Printed aligners

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Aligners are a type of teeth covers designed for correcting teeth alignment. Some brands that make use of 3D printing for their aligners include Invisalign. This product is a replacement for the traditional, more invasive braces.

3D Printed dental implants

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3D Printed Dentures

Additive manufacturing plays a huge role in dental implant surgery. 3D scan and printing allow the patient to get an identical copy of his or her own teeth faster and better than any other method.
This process is easier and highly affordable for both the patient and the odontologist.

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The same way we are capable of producing individual teeth, we can also produce full dentures using special types of materials that are gentle on the patient’s gums.

Thanks to 3D Scanning and modelling, the denture base can be fitted to perfection to the patient’s mouth topology.

Biocompatible Surgical Guides

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In order to increase the precision of your surgical procedures, you can order 3D printed surgical guides for your patients, allowing for precise incisions and drilling in the patient’s mouth.

These are only some of the uses that Digital Dentistry brings to the game. Let’s remember that 3D printing is a highly flexible technology and that it is highly possible to 3D print not only braces, biocompatible surgical guides, implants or crowns, but also tools which would adapt to your needs perfectly.
This method to produce tools is usable for all the medical research industry, where it is used for testing, and sometimes for their final products.

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If you are interested in improving the level of care of your patients, contact us today for more information at info@invent3d.design.

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