From Idea to Reality: Product development through additive manufacturing.

Ever since Invent 3D was founded, our mission has been to improve the processes of our clients, allowing them to make changes without stopping their production run.
This dream comes true by applying our extremely efficient SOPs to the manufacturing process.

3D printed part closeup
Part being 3D printed

Let’s use as an example of our process, the process used to create some of the best trophies Malta has ever seen.

Designing bespoke pieces to represent your company or cause, and award the best is never an easy task.

3D printed Trophy with a Game Controller Design
One of our custom 3D printed trophies

The traditional way of dealing with trophy production is either choosing one from a preset catalogue of options and slapping on an engraved plaque (The cheaper option), or getting your hand dirty and your pockets empty by hiring a foundry and sculptor to design a limited run of your product (the expensive way). Neither of the above methods allow for changes during the design phase and the customer is usually unable to get a sample of the product in the latter case.

Some of our printers working on ReMax’s Trophies

As a contrast to the other two methods, we can produce a bespoke design, working with the customer, who can visualize it on the fly.
Once the design is approved by the customer, we are able to create a draft print, which will give the customer a chance to gauge the final product for the first time.
Modifications can be done to the draft model upon customer request and implemented in a matter of hours for the client to revise and approve.
The final product can then enter production.

It is a very agile and lean process.

3D Printed Trophies — Hot air balloon design.
Perfect! ReMax Trophies

This level of creative flexibility and production agility is only achievable thanks to our fine-tuned processes, expert staff, and the technological advancements of 3D printing.

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