Our B2C offering is out of this world!

Invent 3D is considered the leading 3D printing service provider & large scale manufacturer of 3D Printed goods on the island. Our background in product design and development has led us to create several specialised brands in line with our love of 3D Printed products: Spartan Prints, Malta Cookie Cutters and The Giants Tower, each of which export worldwide on a daily basis.

Spartan Prints

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Spartan Prints is a Custom Gift Shop that allows its customers to purchase different products with a high level of personalisation. 

Gamer-Themed Can Holders

What once started selling custom car keychains, now also offers can cozzies, coasters, Christmas ornaments, and anything that you can imagine!

With Spartan Prints, you are guaranteed to impress your loved ones (or yourself!) with our range of products. 

You can find out more about Spartan Prints and their products on their Etsy Page and Facebook Page.

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Custom Car Keychain

Malta Cookie Cutter

MCC (as we like to call it at the office) is our sweetest brand. MCC specializes in custom cookie cutters and baking accessories. With Malta Cookie Cutters, the sky’s the limit when it comes to designs.

Our alphabet cookie cutters

Either if you want to make tiny, super intricate designs, or just cut a big-old figolla, we have the right product for you. 
We are always innovating in this space, so who knows what we will come up with next!

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Some of our seasonal Halloween designs

You can find out more about MCC on it’s website, Facebook, and Instagram!

The Giants Tower

TGT is our most recent brand and it offers gamers all over the world the possibility to purchase printed tabletop game miniatures, scenery packs and many more related items!


We licence designs from many different artists around the world, offering the coolest and most detailed prints around the web. 

Enhance your tabletop, pen and paper or diorama experience with The Giant’s Tower’s amazing range of buildings and miniatures.


Combining our expertise in 3D Printing and our passion for tabletop gaming, we also beta test designs for various kickstarters in this space also. Our print farm allows us to quickly iterate many designs simultaneously, while the designer can focus entirely on the design process and ideation.  

You can find out more about TheGiant’s TowerGT on Facebook, Instagram and on its website

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