3D Printed Movie Props

Invent 3D can build any current, futuristic or ancient weapon, realistic armor, swords, incredibly detailed creatures and life size humans, all for the television and movie industry. We make complete, incredibly cool movie sets that takes you back in time or into the future. Movie props can be built using 3D printing technology for the most realistic results at the best possible price, within incredibly tight schedules. Electronics can be incorporated into any prop allowing for area-sensitive triggering of elements such as sounds or lights.

Are you in need of giant dino, menacing monster or a huge throne? We can make it all in no time.

Prop categories include, but is not limited to : antiques, guns, weapons, accessories, artwork, books, signage, fake food, metalic or bronze looking decor, carts, skeletons/bones, toys, trophies, medals, jewelry, vintage or replicated products, electronics, tables, thrones, medieval props, old equipment, futuristic items nad weapons, coins, luggage, museum reproductions, and specialty manufactured cutom-made items.

Hand props can be fabricated to be at a different scale. Like a bird that stands 2 meters tall. Hand props are often made to be much lighter than the original item. For example, a set of heavy looking barbells that only weighs a few grams, but appears to weigh hundreds of kilos. All props are fabricated from different materials, then painted and finished so you won’t know the difference with the real thing, unless you picked it up.

Invent 3D starts by creating a 3D design of your desired character, then 3D prints a scale-model. This is used to to make large-scale replica of the smaller model. Multiple iterations of the design can be made until we end up with the perfect and final pose of the character, as you imagined it. There is no liit to what Invent 3D can invent for you!

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