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Your patients come to you with problems, and you are there to make solutions happen. We help you in the process of researching these solutions!

Prosthetics, respirators, accessories, PPE… We have the in-house capabilities to facilitate. 

We have successfully worked in the past with Malta’s Ministry of Health Central Procurement and Supply Unit, as well as Mater Dei hospital, in order to support their work at the beginning of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

Mater Dei and CPSU

One of Our Success Stories

Invent 3D has been in close collaboration with CPSU and Mater Dei hospital since mid-March. Our goal was to fill the void in the supply chain as COVID-19 disrupted all global manufacturing efforts. This use of 3D Printing in Healthcare, locally, had never been seen before.

The initial collaboration started with the face-visor project, which began as a global initiative from Prusa Research in Prague. We took this open-source design and redesigned it in collaboration with the Infection Control Unit at MDH, which after a few iterations resulted in a sturdy, reusable and comfortable design that Mater Dei adopted instantly. From the initial introductory meeting to presenting the final prototypes, only 5 days passed.

Mass manufacturing started the very next day. No tooling costs, just scaling of printers. Local hobbyists volunteered their printers, as did the Education Department's unused printers.

The main point of this was a non-profit initiative, where Indiegogo fundraising and private sales funded donations of over 10,000 Visors to our healthcare system until Manufacturing restarted. Local sales saw the first mass-acceptance of a 3D Printed product on the local market.

We then proceeded to design adapters for PAPR Respirators, retrofitting unusable PAPR systems that Mater Dei had at hand but was outdated, having been bought in the Ebola era. We created a system of adapters that fit modern filtration systems, as well as improved airflow. The time-frame from picking up the parts to having a ready, working prototype designed to engineering standards was 17 hours, agility in manufacturing that cannot be achieved by any other technology.

We also developed ear savers, which ease the pain of surgical masks on the ears, hand sanitiser locks to avoid thefts, and finally designed swabs which are undergoing clinical trials. At the time of design and manufacture, there were no recorded 3D printed swab research and development available.

Digital Dentistry

Thanks to the advances in DLP 3D printing resins, we are able to offer the most advanced biocompatible and autoclavable materials on the market for your patients' care and procedures. We offer a wide variety of Medical Grade CE-Certified Resins, that adapt to your needs and those of your patients. From Dental Models to Dentures, We make your ideas happen. Learn more about the possibilities of Digital Dentistry on our Medium Page


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