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Introducing Agile processes of 3D Printing & Product Development into your Manufacturing Work Flow.

No Setup costs, No Capital Expenditure on Equipment, and No Time Wasted.

Start Innovating, Today.


3D Printers available for Prototyping, Jigs & Fixtures, Manufacturing


Savings in Wages, Equipment & Materials
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Setup Cost
Experts in Our Craft

Consultation & Workshops on 3D Printing Applications for fast ROI

Thinking and Designing Outside the Box

Research, Development & Innovation for Agile Product Development

Cutting Edge Manufacturing Capabilities

Prototyping, Jigs & Fixtures, Manufacturing

How long does this take to setup and gain momentum?

As soon as we establish a contact point with you, we can start with an initial review of your pain points and identify the quick wins for you within the first 1-2 months.

As soon as all your pain points are settled, we focus on maintaining your factory floor and design departments with Jigs & Fixtures, Prototypes, R&D where requested, CAD Design to support your team, 3D Scanning & Analysis, even short manufacturing runs.

Periodically, we will hold workshops with your team centred around Agile design thinking, 3D Design and how else to implement the correct mindset to make the most of our services.

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What does this Cost?

Setting this up is free.

The monthly cost depends on the extent of your required service.

Our costs are tied to Raw Material and Time. 

We reconfigure the costs in a fluid manner. If you need us to focus on production, rather than R&D, we can do so within a few hours.

You receive time sheets and all printed components at the end of every month.

Base Price: €800 euro/month

You’re saving over 60% of the cost working with us, rather than setting up your own Department. No need to worry about purchasing and stocking materials, wages, equipment or space costs.

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What Tech & Services Does This Include?

Our team has a strong base in Engineering & Manufacturing, trained in Agile & Scrum Methodologies and follow an Integrated Approach to Product Development.

You will have the following Technologies & Services available to you:

  • 150 3D Printers for Prototyping, Jigs & Fixtures and Manufacturing
  • Resins, Polymers, Speciality Reinforced Materials
  • 3D Scanning
  • Reverse Engineering
  • 3D Design in Autodesk Fusion/Inventor, Blender
  • Vacuum Forming
  • R&D and Innovation Services
  • DFx



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