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Designed for SME’s & Startups looking to integrated Additive Manufacturing into day-to-day workflow.

Business Flexi Support  

Integrating 3D Printing & Integrated Product Development into your company’s workflow

This package is designed to allow you to benefit from the implementation of the agility of 3D Printing, without needing to worry about a steep learning curve, investing in fast changing tech and materials.

We bring our industry-leading knowledge to you.

Our Team

Experts in Product Design & Development, with strengths in 3D Design & Sculpting, Software & Hardware Development.

Problem solving is our passion.


Agile design practices result in very low waste products, manufactured from Climate Positive materials. No landfill here!

Our Targets

High Value-Added Support to your Industry

Over the years we’ve met countless clients in various industries that have purchased a printer with the intention to integrate into the workflow, received lacklustre support or education from the supplier, leading to this printer becoming an office toy or expensive paperweight.

Think of this as skipping the first few years of expensive procurement and training, and diving in at the deep end with the team at Invent 3D as your guide.

This includes:

  • Research and Support in your market research efforts for new products
  • Integration into our organisational suite for communications, deliverables & timelines
  • Priority Design & prototyping in Malta’s largest 3D print farm
    • On-Demand Prototyping in FDM, SLA & SLS technologies
    • Short Production Runs
    • Expert Product Design
  • Design & Manufacturing of Jigs & Fixtures to keep your factory running efficiently

If your target is to become more Agile in your internal and external processes, while embracing the Sustainable, Low-Waste nature of 3D Printing, this is the package for you.

No need to invest in new tech, our Print Farm is constantly updated with new materials and printers to handle our clients’ requests.

We do offer the following add-ons to this tier for a more holistic experience:

  • Site Visits
  • Consultation
  • Niche Research to launch your next product
  • Workshops to train your team on the Additive Manufacturing & Integrated Product Development Mindset.
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