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Designed for Industries requiring Full Innovation & Additive Manufacturing Support 

Full Innovation & Additive Manufacturing Support 

Outsource your Innovation & Prototyping to Additive Manufacturing & Product Development Experts

This package is designed to allow you the benefit of exploring new innovative efforts for your industry, in an all-encompassing manner.

From R&D to Prototyping, to Innovative efforts pushing boundaries in Product Development.

Our Team

Experts in Product Design & Development, with strengths in 3D Design & Sculpting, Software & Hardware Development.

Problem solving is our passion.


Agile design practices result in very low waste products, manufactured from Climate Positive materials. No landfill here!

Our Targets

A structured, dedicated Innovation, R&D and Manufacturing Department

Innovation is required to keep a company fresh with new ideas and targets in manufacturing & sustainability. However, the cost of building and maintaining such a department is very high, with a very steep learning curve.

Over the last few years we’ve helped clients in countless industries and niches conceptualise, prototype and manufacture new and on-trend products in an agile and rapid manner.

We help your disrupt your market.

This package is here by high demand for a constant support system for you, the client. No need to purchase any equipment or hire & train new personell. We need to understand your vision, and grow it with you.

This includes:

  • Support in Strategy and implementation of new Innovative efforts
  • Turnkey Product Development 
  • Research and Support in your market research efforts for new products
  • Integration into our organisational suite for communications, deliverables & timelines
  • Priority Design & prototyping in Malta’s largest 3D print farm
    • On-Demand Prototyping in FDM, SLA & SLS technologies
    • Short Production Runs
    • Expert Product Design
  • Design & Manufacturing of Jigs & Fixtures to keep your factory running efficiently
  • Site Visits
  • Workshops with your team & management

If your target is to outsource a disruptive and agile Innovation Department with experience in Product Development, R&D and Manufacturing, this is the package for you.

No need to invest in new tech or people, our Print Farm is constantly updated with new materials and printers to handle our clients’ requests.

Together We Build the Future!

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