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Designed for Entrepreneurs 

Individual Development Support 

Your very own mini Innovation, R&D and Prototyping Department

This package is designed to allow you, the Entrepreneur, the flexibility to do what you do best, and leave the Product Development up to our dynamic team.

While you focus on building connections and sales channels, exploring new markets and business ideas, your very own R&D Department will be actively working on your product development and manufacturing needs, researching niches and prototyping.

Our Team

Experts in Product Design & Development, with strengths in 3D Design & Sculpting, Software & Hardware Development.

Problem solving is our passion.


Agile design practices result in very low waste products, manufactured from Climate Positive materials. No landfill here!

Our Targets

Supporting you, the Entrepreneur, in your product ideas and ventures

Think of us as your supporting staff where our team will meet with you, discuss your ideas, concepts and targets (after signing an NDA, of course) and set monthly deliverables & KPIs.

This includes:

  • Support in market research of your ideas
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Integration into our organisational suite for communications, deliverables & timelines
  • Priority Design & Prototyping in Malta’s largest 3D print farm
  • Proof of Concept
  • MVP
  • Final prototypes, finished to launch-quality
  • Design for Additive Manufacturing Optimisation (DFAM)
  • Costings for launching the product
  • Branding & Packaging
  • Basic eCommerce Creation 
  • Sustainable, Lean Manufacturing
  • Dropshipping

This requires your utmost dedication to the product and process.

This package is perfect for the serial inventor, The kind of person who regularly comes up with cool ideas but doesn’t have the time to develop or validate via research.

We’ll take your ideas to market with your input along the way, up to the launch, manufacturing and shipping from our factory in Bulebel.

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